Neo-geons are randomly generated dungeons with 99 floors. Once the player enters the dungeon on the 1st floor they must continue from floor to floor through Gates until they either reach an Exit gate, fall in battle, or give up. Consecutive floors are named based on a theme, and these themes determine the tile set, enemies and traps the player will face. Several floors feature a "boss" battle against one or more strong enemies that must be defeated to open the door to the floors' exit gates. Each of these boss floors (except the 99th) have a single treasure chest, and will always have a number of gates (including an Exit gate) to allow the player to choose whether or not to continue deeper into the dungeon.

Neo-geon MechanicsEdit

Random dungeon layoutEdit

Random dungeons are created by assembling pre-designed rectangular "blocks" of varying sizes, complete with walls, floors and enemies. Walls around the blocks are removed where they overlap in order to allow the player to get from one block to the next. One block is selected to hold all of the gates, two to three gates are then placed in random locations in that block. Depending on the size of the block, the gates may end up very close to each other.

Once assembled, traps are randomly added to the map. For most themes, traps are usually most dense one to two spaces from the walls of the block, but some themes have more consistent trap placement. Finally, a starting location is selected for the player. Occasionally, the player may end up starting in danger, either placed on an ice fountain or in the path of a fire jet.

Monster LevelsEdit

Neo-geons have a "Monster Level" statistic that increases as you pass through gates. With the exception of Doom Floors, the monsters placed on the floor are within a couple of levels of the current Monster Level. Trap damage is also scaled depending on the Monster Level. Items found in treasure chests also improve as the level increases.

Gate LevelsEdit

In Neo-geons, each type of gate has a level from 1 to 3. All gates of the same type are the same level, in other words, once an Angel gate changes to Lv. 2, all other Angel gates will be Lv. 2 until it changes again. Changes in gate level are random, and a gate can change from any level to any other level (for instance, from Lv. 3 to Lv. 1) though level skipping is rare.

Warp GatesEdit

Warp gates are only available in Neo-geons, and in addition to increasing Monster Level and item drop and rarity rates, they have a chance of allowing the player to skip floors.

Neo-geon Floor ThemesEdit

The Neo-geon floor themes and bosses are also used for the Normal branch of the Tri-geon.

Floors Name Notes
1-3 Initiation Area
4-7 Tropical Area Mostly Cat Burglar and Pole enemies
8-9 Jungle Area Mostly Cat Burglar and Archer enemies
10 Forest Guru Treant boss
11-12 Horror Area Mostly Skeletons and Frogs
13-15 Fury Area Quake traps can break chests without dropping items. Certain walls can be broken with a hammer or enemy attacks
16-18 More Horror Area Adds Ghost type enemies
19-20 Dread Area Adds Immortal traps, Eyes, and Beetles to the Horror area
21-25 Fire Area Fire themed, mostly Fire and FiBang traps, all enemies are red.
26-29 Ice Area Ice themed, all enemies are blue.
30 Joint Area Clown boss
31-32 Armor Area

Quake traps. Mostly Armors and Poles, with some Eyes.

33-37 Fierce Area Upgraded Fury Area, with Assassins.
38-42 Explosion Area Many mine traps with peons creating more
43-45 Bang Area Many Bang-type traps, with Scissys
46-49 Ambush Area Treants, Armors and Archers
50 Ranger Area Black Knight boss, mix of Immortal and Hiyokki traps
51-54 Maiden Area All female enemies
55-60 Magma Area All red enemies, more fire traps and fire jets. Lighter-colored jets can be broken. There are few, if any, water puddles, you will need to use the recover spell if you're on fire.
61-65 Blizzard Area All blue enemies, more ice traps and ice jets
66-69 Worst Area Many traps of all kinds, Clowns
70-73 Curse Area Many curse traps, black mushrooms, etc.
74-76 Charge Area Immortals begin to appear
77 Bonus Area Many mimics and immortal traps
78-79 Nimble Area Assassins, archers, and haste traps
80 Golem Area Golem boss, plus quake traps
81-85 Imminent Area Spinning blades and Hiyokki traps
86-90 Sorcery Area Wizards and Clowns
91-95 Various Area Little bit of everything
96-97 Barrier Area Vanishing forcefields on the floor. Note that some exits may spawn on top of barriers making them hard to see and reach.
98 Power Area Boss fight against 2 knights, 2 bombers and 4 armors.
99 Last Area Final boss fight against 2 dragons.