This page contains a list of all the titles which can appear on equipment and artifacts. In the game, negative titles are colored red, normal titles are light blue and rare titles are purple.

Equipment TitlesEdit

You can exchange the titles on equipment using the Title Shop on Hiyo's Ship. Removing the titles from a piece of equipment will destroy the item and add copies of those titles to your list. All equipment has four slots to place titles. In order to add a title to a piece of equipment you will need to have collected at least 4 copies of that title, with the exception of Edit which requires only one copy but can only be placed in the first slot. For axes and bows, all four titles cost 4 copies. Everything else requires 4 for the first slot, 8 for the second, 12 for the third, and 16 for the fourth. You can overwrite a title already on the item at no additional cost, the overwritten title's effects are lost. Some pieces of equipment have a 4th title "built in". For instance, every Pygmalion Spear will carry the Punish title in the 4th slot, and every Holic armor will carry the Mystique title.

For value-increasing titles like Scrub and Luxury, each title adds to a "value multiplier", for instance Luxury will add 2.66 to this multipler, making the item's sell value be x3.66 for the first title, x6.33 for the second title, and so on.

Title Effect on Weapon/Armor Shield (blank if same effect)
Edit Item can have edits applied
Trash -5 ATK and DEF (Red) -10 SDEF
AT+1 +1 ATK
DF+1 +1 DEF
HP1 +1 HP for Sub Characters
SP2 +2 SP to Main Character
Impress ATK/DEF +1, Walk +3


Skill UP +3 Skill effect
Ice +3 Ice resist
Fire +3 Fire resist
Mind +2 Spirit resist
Physical +1 Slash/Pierce/Blunt resist
Jog +5 Run
Scrub Item's sale value increases (add 1.17 to item value multiplier)
Exceed +1 ATK, +2 DEF, +3 Walk +10 to shield's physical resist
AT+2 +1 ATK
DF+2 +2 DEF
Magic +5 Magic effect, +2 SP cost to all spells
Magma +5 Fire resist, -1 Ice resist
Blizzard +5 Ice resist, -1 Fire resist
Lucky +20 Drop Rate
Amaze ATK/DEF +2, Walk +3 +10 to shield's magic resist
Big Move Ability Effect +10, SP cost +5
EXPert Main Character leveling accelerated
Aim +5 CRT
Upgrade +1 ATK, +3 DEF, +3 Walk Shield decay slows
Lion ATK/DEF +1, Run +5

+15 Magic effect, +9 SP cost to all spells

HP Tutor Main character gains more HP on level up
Speed Walk/Run +5
Chance 2 lower titles deleted (items won't drop with them)
Splendid ATK +2, DEF/Walk +3 SDEF +10
SP Tutor Main character gains more SP on level up (+10)
AT Tutor Main character gains more ATK on level up (+3)
DF Tutor Main character gains more DEF on level up (+3)
Resist +1 to all resistances except Mind
Light 5% chance to kill undead (Saint skill)
Aura Magic Effect +18, SP cost +12
Lustrous ATK +2, DEF +4, Walk +3 +15 to shield's physical resist
Destroy Weapon damage +2% (increases min&max power range) (Purple)
Brandish Weapon damage range +3% (Purple)
Sleight Walk +5, Run +8
D.Buster Damage to Dragons +5% (Purple)
One Blow +9 CRT
Superfly Ability Effect +20, SP Cost +12
Jump Jump control increased (+8)
Frequent Drop rate +40
Cynosure ATK +3, DEF +4, Walk +3 +15 to shield's magic resist
Punish 1% chance to kill immortal (Purple)
Skyslice Damage to flying enemies +4%
HP Coach Main character HP +15
SP Coach Main character SP +10
AT Coach Main character ATK +5
DF Coach Main character DEF +5
Luxury Very expensive (add 2.66 to value multiplier per title)
Sorcery Magic Effect +25, SP Cost +15
Evolve Main Character SP +4, ATK/DEF +2
Bestest ATK/DEF/Walk +5 SDEF +15
Massacre ATK/DEF +15, Slash/Pierce/Blunt resist -10
Fortune Drop rate +60
Gale Walk/Run +8
Insight ATK999 limit disabled (Main character's ATK can increase over 999) (Purple)
Bliss 8 lower titles deleted
Expel All resistances except Mind +2
Mystique DEF999 limit disabled (Main character's DEF can increase over 999) (Purple)
Gold Extremely expensive (add 5.0 to value multiplier per title)
Reaper ATK/DEF +10 but no EXP gained (Red)
Hermes RUN +10 (Purple)
Force Ability Effect +30, SP Cost +17 (Purple)
Perfect ATK/DEF +6, Walk +5 (Purple) +20 to all shield resistances
Buzzbuzz Weapon damage range +5% (Purple)
HP50 Sub Char HP +50 (Purple)
Reflect 5% of damage is returned to sender (Purple)
SP50 (Purple)
Platinum Simply extortionate (add 7.0 to value multiplier per title) (Purple)
Magus Magic Effect +35, SP Cost +20 (Purple)
Vamp Attack steals 3% HP but no EXP gained
AT+20 (Purple)
DF+20 (Purple)
Drain Attack steals 3% HP (Purple)
Mythic ATK999/DEF999 limit disabled, +8 ATK/DEF (Purple)
Epic ATK/DEF +18 (Purple)
Gloom ATK999 limit disabled, HP Heal falls 20% (Purple)
Angel Drop rate +100, 10 lower titles deleted (Purple)
Divine Title effects on same item double (Purple)

The Vamp and Drain titles have an additional description of "Wp=right Ar=front Sh=left", these describe the subchar that will be healed on an attack when this title is equipped on a Weapon, Armor, or Shield. Rear subchars cannot be healed with these titles.

Artifact TitlesEdit

Artifacts have a separate list of titles from Equipment. Each artifact can only have one title, and they cannot be exchanged. None of the artifacts bought from the shop will have a title. Most titles increase both the effect and the mana cost of the artifact.

Title Artifact Effect Effect Explanation
*1 Eff 2x Mana 2x Both effect and mana cost double
*10 Eff 3x Mana 3x
*100 Eff 4x Mana 3x (Purple)
*1k Eff 5x Mana 3x (Purple)
*10k Eff 5x Mana 2x (Purple)
*100M Eff 5x Mana 1x (Purple)
*Zero Eff-Dmg 2x Effect of artifact doubled but player takes double damage (Red)
Earth Sub HP +50 Connected Sub character gains 50 HP (Purple)
Hades SP+30, Mana+15 Artifact adds 30 SP but costs 15 more mana (Purple)
Hiyoseal Eff 2x, Mana 0.5x Effect doubled, mana cost halved (Purple)
Joint Adj. Joint 2x

When put next to other Joint artifacts, their effects and mana costs are added together, then multiplied by the number of artifacts jointed. If there is not enough mana for all of the artifacts, the disabled artifacts are still added together, but only multiplied by the active artifacts.

MiniMag SP +4
M.Esse Sub HP +9
P.Esse Sub HP +4
P.Mag SP +4
R.Charm DEF +1, Mana +2 Artifact adds 1 DEF but costs 2 more mana
Sorc Magic is Sorc

With Sorcery Boost, spell has to be charged up by casting

multiple times before it can be fired. Spell can also backfire

explosively, but Sorc Stab. artifacts reduce the chance of this.

Trainee ATK +1, Mana +3 Artifact adds 1 ATK but costs 3 more mana